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Meet your new exec support team

Whatever your issue, whatever’s bugging you, we’ve got answers.

An experienced, insightful and eager team of experts is at your disposal. Ready to step in to help your business step up.


Lead Advisor

Vance is an innovative business architect with a knack for both the creative and operational aspects of the small to mid-sized business world. Harnessing 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Vance combines a unique blend of strategic planning, operational excellence, and transformative leadership to consistently deliver results. His ability to identify business and revenue growth opportunities and his track record in strategic decision-making, operational enhancement, and team building underscores his competence.

Vance’s relentless commitment to achieving objectives, his authentic and dependable nature, and his human-centric approach set him apart. Clients can expect an advisor who is not only a competent, empathetic and experienced business professional but is also passionately invested in their success.

What they say about Vance

“…a talented, modern business builder. Via his own company as well as a wide cross-section of client companies, Vance has a proven ability to identify business & revenue growth opportunities and then organize the resources and lead the team to its successful realization. Uniquely, he’s equally adept at the creative and operational sides of business…And an added bonus: he’s authentic, dependable and overall just a good human being.”

Gregg Kuperstein
Principal | Exceed Growth, Inc.

“…a creative, critical thinker and implementer. He has a great ability to see situations and projects for what they are and what opportunities are presented. Many clients have appreciated and benefited from his vision.”

“Vance Boucher has been an excellent resource for Back Nine Greens. Since around 2005 he has been a go to expert and worked on many projects including our strategic growth plans, business systems and process design, financial analysis, as well as management consulting. I highly recommend him and his firm to any business owner.”

Dominic Nappi
President | Back Nine Greens


Brand Advisor

Josh has been described by clients as a “brand therapist.” Owner and creative director of his own firm since the age of 24, his agency’s work has been recognized both by peers and industry specialists. He’s launched products, revitalized companies, created complex campaigns and designed huge installations for Fortune 500 clients. But he’s named, branded and promoted startups and nonprofits as well.

Josh is past president of AIGA Los Angeles, where he also served on the Advisory Board. Having run remote teams for over 25 years, he hosts the WorkLife@Home podcast.

What they say about Josh

“[Josh and his team] take us out of the box and into the winner’s circle every time. After initially interviewing eight firms, we’ve never looked back.

Loren Bloch
President | Community Dynamics

“Josh did extensive research with our customers and our staff, and then conducted an off-site executive workshop where we pared our brand down to its essence and rediscovered what we stood for. Using that as the starting point, he helped us find a whole new way of looking at our firm. [His team] led a renaming process and designed an award-winning visual identity that turned heads and broke down conventions. From an innovative web site to shifts in our corporate culture, Josh has been instrumental in setting Legistics on its new path.

Philip Frengs
Founder and CEO | Legistics

“The great thing about their team is that they get it — they understand our business goals and are able to create intelligent, one-of-a-kind campaigns that appeal to the emotional and business sides of our customers.”


Executive Leadership Advisor

Keren specializes in strategic organizational assessment and design of large-scale planning and change efforts. Keren’s Doctoral degree is in human and organizational systems with a focus on transformational learning/change and leadership in organizations.

She is a Board-Certified Coach and a certified Leadership Circle provider.

What they say about Keren:

“Keren introduced leadership and management concepts to a group of criminalists aspiring to transition from technical to management positions during a critical phase of organizational change. Keren helped us develop key skills and awareness of ourselves necessary for our success. … Without a doubt, Keren’s willingness to understand our organization and industry, its people and our needs translated into appropriate training and long term positive outcomes for those who participated. I highly recommend Keren for your organization .”

Elissa Mayo
Assistant Bureau Director
California Department of Justice
Bureau of Forensic Services

“When my nonprofit organization was going through a merging, I was worried about the effects the merger would have on our employeesKeren knew how to move our people from resistance and anger to understanding and acceptance. When it became clear that we needed to focus more on management, she was able to quickly adapt and adjust the plans to provide more effective tools for our needs. She clearly understands the needs of the changing organizational environment and I highly recommend her.

Sue Schaffner
Chief Financial Officer | Serving Seniors

“Since 2010, I have had the pleasure to partner with Keren on developing a vision and strategic plan for both the College of Engineering at San Diego State University and, more recently, for the College of Science and Technology at the University of Southern Mississippi. In both cases, Keren worked with my leadership team, faculty and staff to launch and shepherd to completion the creation of a vision for the College and the essentials of a vibrant and realistic strategic plan...Her energy is infectious. She is a trusted and thoughtful advisor, with great instincts. I would hire her again without reservation”


Operational Excellence Advisor

Colin is a certified Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader and Master Black Belt, embodying the quintessence of a results-oriented, executive Business Transformation Leader. His distinguished career is marked by a steadfast commitment to driving operational excellence across diverse sectors.

Showcasing a proven track record, Colin has led numerous successful business transformation initiatives and global teams, underlining his ability to inspire change, foster efficiency, and optimize performance at every organizational level.


Forensic Accounting Advisor

Matthew F. Simpson is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a specialization in forensic accounting. With over three decades of experience, Matt has honed his skills in financial analysis and fraud detection.


Risk Management Advisor

Frank has 25 + years of experience in the Risk Management & Insurance industry and has worked with healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and employers to align risk management & finance strategies with organizational goals.   He has experience in specialty underwriting, reinsurance, and brokerage and has built specialty operations to deliver specialized expertise to healthcare clients.


IT Advisor

Tyler is a dynamic technology professional with over 15 years of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses utilize and manage technology. His technical expertise spans infrastructure administration, software development, and data management.