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Frequently asked questions

What is MyExec Suite, and what services do you provide?

MyExec Suite is a team of expert advisors committed to empowering businesses through a membership-based model. We offer a comprehensive range of business advisory services, including but not limited to business strategy, marketing, financials, IT, operations, sales, and risk consulting.

Does the MyExec Suite team replace my team?

No, we don’t replace your team. Instead, we work alongside your current leadership, providing guidance and support to enhance your business strategies and operations.

What makes MyExec Suite different from hiring a single C-level executive or a fractional executive?

With MyExec Suite, you get access to a diverse team of consultants who are experts in their respective fields, all for a cost that’s a fraction of hiring a single full-time or fractional executive. Instead of relying on the knowledge and expertise of one person, you can benefit from a team of experts who can address different areas of your business.

How does MyExec Suite help in increasing my business profits?

Our seasoned advisors assess your existing business operations and pinpoint areas of improvement. We provide an in-depth strategic plan designed to boost profits, increase efficiency, and stimulate growth. Our services also encompass growth consulting, turnaround consulting, and M&A consulting.

How does MyExec Suite assist with brand updating and customer experience?

Our advisors can guide you through a successful rebranding process, aligning your brand with contemporary market trends. Our marketing advisors are adept at customer experience consulting and will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your customers’ needs are met at every point of interaction.

What does it cost to work with MyExec Suite?

Membership packages with MyExec Suite start at just $2,500 a month. Each membership is custom designed to suit your specific needs.

I’m thinking about retirement. Can MyExec Suite assist with my exit strategy?

Absolutely. Our seasoned team is well-equipped to assist you in planning for a seamless and successful transition into retirement.

How can MyExec Suite help if my business is facing a downturn?

We can identify the root cause of the downturn and devise an effective recovery strategy to restore your business to a path of growth.

How does MyExec Suite assist in sales growth and development?

We assist in improving sales processes, training, customer relationship management, and sales team performance.

What benefits do I get from the periodic meetings with MyExec Suite?

It’s up to you! You can discuss any business-related topic and get insightful, real-time feedback from our team of experienced consultants.

How can MyExec Suite support my business’s growth?

We help you to formulate and executing growth strategies that align with your business’s goals, market trends, and financial capabilities.

What about projects that exceed the normal scope of services you offer?

When a business problem requires a significant commitment of time and resources, one or more of our advisors will prepare a proposal for that work as a separate project. For example, if you need a complete overhaul of your IT systems, that would fall outside our standard scope. You’ll have a chance to review and approve the proposal before we start work.

What kinds of projects are typical of these larger ones?

They vary considerably. From a redesign of your IT systems to an update of your company’s brand identity; from a complete new operations model to a full retirement plan. Projects, in short, that require a larger time commitment than the meetings and ongoing advice our subscription covers.

 Sounds good. How do I get started?

We’ll set up a “get to know you” video conference with your lead advisor. We’ll follow up with questions and probably another meeting to confirm and clarify things. Once we both know where you want to go with your business and what the issues are, we’ll prepare a strategic plan to get you there. It’ll have the major phases, a timeline, and next steps. And it will serve as a roadmap against which you can measure your progress.

Then what happens?

Once the strategic plan is in place, we roll up our sleeves to help you and your team implement it. We hold regular meetings—either in-person or via video conferencing—to keep you updated, and on track and we provide a platform where you can get your questions answered.

Will advice come only from my lead advisor?

While your lead advisor will be your primary point of contact, you’ll also have the flexibility to consult with any expert on our team who has the most experience and knowledge about your particular issue.